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To Artt Frank:

First, I must congratulate you on bringing about such a recording. You have brought together some great musicians. I enjoyed listening to their playing. Your pianist Nick Bariluk did a wonderful job of harmonizing and arranging your tunes ....



- Dave Brubeck -




"Whether in music, painting, or literature, the mystery of art requires a steady hand in putting an idea to paper, having it manifest in its rough form a shape that reflects the artist’s intention. As the process of unveiling continues, the risk of straying from the original vision grows. Guidance of this process from birth to fully formed creation requires a deft touch. This is the simple, but challenging,  role of a great producer. For me, Nick Bariluk provides that level of expertise.  He combines a wide musical vocabulary with an uncommonly high sensitivity to the artist’s vision. Nick dives deep into the process with a clear eye on the target and, by the end of the effort, the outcome is spot on. The vibe is true; the production values as good as you can find. With Nick’s help, all my songs are the best they can be.  As an artist, that’s what you shoot for.  Also, Nick’s fun to work with.  Don’t wait!  Pick up the phone -you’ll be glad you did."


- Will Heins -




"Nick Bariluk is a consummate professional who has mastered literally every step of the recording, producing and playing process. His studio is top-notch, his rig & plugins are incredible, his knowledge of how sound works in order to get the best recordings possible knows no bounds. He's a Pro Tools ninja and you'll be amazed at how quickly and adeptly he works. His ideas as a producer are extremely valuable, he has some of the best ears of any musician I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And to top it all off, he is one of the best keyboardists in North America...he can shred and play the most simple, beautiful keys parts you've ever heard...and everything in between. You'd be crazy not to work with Nick!"

- Corey Durkin, singer/songwriter -





I have completed eleven vocal/music CD’s under the guidance of Nick Bariluk. In addition to being unbelievably talented as a keyboard performer, he has shown himself to be a skilled arranger and orchestrator. In addition, he has engineered and mixed all of my songs with great skill. The fact that he can bring all these talents together helped make these CD’s a great listening experience.
- Norm Drubner -






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