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New Song Productions  is a music recording studio in Fairfield County, CT. Fondly called “The Music Farm,” we're located on 4.6 private wooded acres in Danbury, CT.  
As one of Connecticut's premier studios for recording and music production, we help turn your music into a beautifully crafted final production.  
Convenient to musicians in Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven, Hartford, Westchested, Putnam and Dutchess counties. The recording studio is located 15 minutes from the Brewster train station, five minutes from West Redding train Station, 10 minutes from Interstate 84, five minutes  from downtown Danbury and Bethel CT.
Contact us to get started!



Lawson L251 Tube and FET
Lawson L47 Tube and FET
DPA 4011

B&K 4011
AT 4050
Senheisser 421(6)

Shure Beta 52
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure SM58
Senheisser 609e (2)
Studio Projects C1

​Front End:

8 Channels Millennia
Api 3124+
Avalon 737sp
Grace 201


Pro Tools HDX
Digidesign HD 16X16 Analog

Digidesign 192 16x8 Converter
Dangerous Music D box
Monitoring and Summing


Stereo Pair Vintage UREI 1176LN

Limiting Amplifiers

Lexicon M300
Roland 301 Space Echo

TC M2000 EFX

Yamaha SPX 90

Drawmer 242 Stereo Compressor




Dangerous Music D box

Monitoring and Summing

Barefoot footprint 

​Event 20/20

Yamaha NS 10m


Hammond B3 w/142 Leslie
Roland FP 50 Kbd controller

Trilian Bass

East West Complete Composers Collection

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